Bespoke silicone hose

In our addition to our large range of universal silicone hose parts we also have the facilities to manufacture custom, bespoke and one off silicone hoses. There are a number of options available.

Non standard reducers

Only the most common reducer sizes are listed on our main website however we are able to manufacture almost any combination of reducer sizes. This service usually does not require additional tooling and can be carried out with only additional material costs involved.

Tooling explained

All silicone hose is manufactured from a tool or mandrel. When building custom silicone hoses it is often required that tooling is developed especially to match the hose. The tooling fee is a one off upfront payment and once developed the tooling belongs to the customer and so do the hoses produced from it.

Under certain circumstances we may agree to develop the tooling ourselves on a non exlusive basis if we feel that there is a sufficient demand for the particular hose or kit.

If you have any custom or one off silicone hose requirements then please feel free to contact us to discuss further.